21 gobble-able street food yummies in Mumbai

Hello, after what seems like ages!

In all fairness and honesty, I’ve been lazy. I tried to write but then decided to take a nap instead. I’m back finally, with yet another list.
Yes, I know lists are done to death but this is different. Or not.

I curated @WeAreMumbai for a week and was suggested to blog about the best street food places in Mumbai. So, here I am, with the help of Shaunak and Rahul, listing 21 places down, in no particular order. Let me know if you’ve been to any place/ would like to go and have a special review for it. Also, since it’s street food, the location might be a little confusing. Feel free to hit ’em up.

1. Dheeraj (opposite Mithibai, Vile Parle) : Mayo cheese grill

2. Healthy bites (Opposite Bade Miyaan, Besides Gokul bar) : Paneer Charcoal Roll {for late night craving}

3. Manoj (World Trade Centre, Colaba) : Everything you can possibly eat. But white pasta has an edge over everything else. You’re sure to die of cheese overdose, no, not literally.

4. Carter’s Blue , (Carter Road) : Shawarma

5. Khau galli , (Vile Parle Station) : Genie dosa

6. Mohd. Naseer Cooperwala, (Gulmohar Road, beside Vodafone store) : Bhurji pao, pao bhaji, Pulao {Ask him to make it spicy with extra butter}

7. Lucky Pao bhaji and Bhurji Pao centre, (Close to Mohd. Naseer Cooperwala) : Everything. {Will deliver, For midnight cravings}

8. BM/ Gurukrupa juice centre, (Sion, Close to the station) : franky and sandwiches

9. Ganesh galli, (Zaveri bazaar, Muljhi Jetha market) : Daal pakwaan and Daal sandwich. {Also, there’s a guy right beside who sells ‘Milk cake’.}

10. Thane (outside maamledaar office) : Misal

11. Crawford Market, (Outside Sadanand Hotel) : one old guy sells finger lickin’ good Dahi vada

12. Farid Kabab, (Jogeshwari) : Best Seekh Kabab and Paratha hands down.

13. Nawab Kabab, (Kurla)  Open almost till 4 am. Again, some killer Seekh Kabab and Paratha.

14. Hot Seekh, (Hasnabadh lane near Santacruz station) : servers up some killer tandoori, seekh kebab, shawarma and baida rotis

15. Manju Dosa, (Santacruz) : One of the best chutneys ever, in Mumbai. If you can handle a lot of butter this place is for you.

16. Ram and Shayam chatwala, (Santacruz) : One of the oldest chatwalas in Santacruz.

17. Jai Jawan, (Bandra) : The place that keeps linking road buzzing after hours. Some mean fish and tandoori

18. Vakola signal  : Bhruji pav for those 4 am cravings

19. Dosa guy opp Bombay Blues, (Khar) : his orange chutney

20. Dosa guy at Podar school, (Santacruz) : mad pav bhaji dosa

21. Yaadgaar, (Bandra station) : keema pav with half fry

Do try all these places and let me know what you think.



21 Things to not do when you’re angry.

I have had a sudden love for lists. Nobody generally likes to make lists but this one, could be different.

Most people living in a fast moving city are short tempered and perpetually pissy. Just so that you don’t make impulsive decisions that would lead to something not very pleasing, here’s a list of things you shouldn’t do when angry.

21. Don’t punch your computer in the screen. Don’t.
20. Don’t login through your girlfriend’s Facebook account and post a status saying, ‘I’m gay.’
19. Don’t run to your fridge and eat everything you can see.
18. Don’t tear your favourite pair of pajamas. You’re going to regret that one.
17. Don’t catch cockroaches from below your wash-basin and kill them with the only tool at home- your pair of scissors.
16. Don’t go into a room and breakdown like a baby.
15. Don’t race with the guy who broke the signal and ram into him.
14. Don’t hold that crying kid by the neck and smack his head to the wall repeatedly.
13. Don’t login through your social networking accounts (notice multiple) and post, ‘I’M SO ANGRY!’.
12. Don’t call your crush and start begging for sympathy.
11. Don’t go buy all the alcohol you can and then curse the reason for your anger in even more anger.
10. Don’t take the guy(the reason for your anger) as hostage and threaten to kill him.
9. Don’t go play ‘Crazy Taxi’ on the streets.
8. Don’t hire a horse to ride around the street chasing the person who got you angry with your grandfather’s shotgun.
7. Don’t take a butter knife and announce that you’re going to slit his throat.
6. Don’t join the Police force just to hunt down your ‘pisser’. (As I would like to call it. Or invent a new word. Or whatever.)
5. Don’t invent a gun that would shoot ‘used sanitary material’. That would just be gross.
4. Don’t buy a lot of candy and poison it just so that you can sweet talk the pisser into eating it.
3. Don’t send multiple letters to Hogwarts complaining how angry you are because they don’t send you your acceptance letter.
2. Don’t purchase a customised cap that reads, ‘FUCK OFF, I’M SO MAD AT YOU!’.

The last one..

1. Don’t go to the parlour and get your nails done. Uh oh. No, actually do that.