Love story.

From across the room their eyes met. He smiled. She returned. Everyone else was least interested in anyone but the birthday boy. The birthday song was sung and party had begun. Also, so had their story.

They spoke. A lot. She smiled because he made sure she did. He wasn’t one of those who’d go down on one knee and fancy the woman with a flashy ring but she didn’t have those kind of tantrums either.

He was a cute boy with pretty eyes. She was just another gal. He charmed his way with women and she just sat their and blushed. He didn’t let her get distracted for a bit. Honestly there was nothing that could possibly do that to her.

They talked for hours. They were young and so was the night. He got her favourite track to be played and they danced. They danced like no one was looking but in fact everyone was. It was a special kind of feeling she never had before. She liked it very much and made that very obvious with the glow on her face. He was never more proud of himself.

And then in the middle of this beautiful night something really astonishing happened. There was a massive jerk. The kind you don’t experience everyday. The floor cracked. And slowly to did one of the walls. A part of the roof just dropped like extra cheese from a cheese burst pizza. The chaos needed no invitation. There was music and shudder and something that seemed like an eternity of screams. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. He asked her to not worry and trust him on getting her out safe. It was an earthquake, how could she not get scared? She still said yes and followed his lead. It was not that high a building but the damage was massive.

As soon as the situation seemed over and hardly anyone was found injured, a unanimous decision was made to get out safely. Everyone rushed to the gates and balconies. These two picked the gate. The hand was still held and movements were brisk.

They all tried to run outside but would the earthquake let go that easily? It appeared not. It struck again. This time, even harder. He had just made his way out and another part of the ceiling dropped itself with people from the floor above. The ceiling aimed right at her and of course didn’t miss the target. There, he saw the loss of his newly found love. The shock gripped him and made him numb. Movements were still happening around but for him, everything paused right there.


One last hug.

He grabbed her by her waist gripping her tightly. She twitched a little, shut her eyes but went closer anyway. He said, “I love you.” She’d heard that enough to not believe in it anymore. She nodded. Said she did too. This time, not meaning a word. He apologised. Said he knew he’d done her wrong. She nodded, once again.

She had seen him in the arms of another woman while he claimed to have loved her. That image just wouldn’t get out of her head. She fought with it, tried to throw it out, tried to make herself believe in their love but all her efforts seemed to be going down in vain when she saw him today.

He cupped her head with his huge caressing hands, looked her in the eye and asked for her forgiveness. She continued her gaze at the floor. She had nothing to say to him for she knew if she said something, she’d take him back.

He carefully leaned forward and kissed her forehead. She kept thinking of things to distract herself, eyes still shut. Her body was giving in even though she tried refraining herself. She fought this battle in her head with her winning and losing both at the same time. She knew he wouldn’t do that again. She thought that the first time too but he ended up breaking her trust. She couldn’t go through all of that again. She needed to put a stop to that. She needed to close this. She needed an end.

But where would this bring an end to anything? He would rule her thoughts for as long as she could think of. He would be gone but he would still be missed. Looking at anything would remind her of him. She could break down in tears at any moment now. She wanted to send him away but she didn’t want to let him go.

Was there any other way to get things done?

But she put her foot down. Wrapped her arms around him. Hugged him as tightly as she could. She could see a smile curling up on his face. She captured this image thinking she’d need it later. Gave him a peck, touched his face then turned around and walked away to never ever see him again.

They Mend Minds.

They said they’d open our minds. They lied.
They said we could do what we wanted. They lied.
They said we would understand ourselves better. They lied.
They said it won’t be limited. They lied.
They said nothing would be more fun than that. They lied.

Talk about opening our minds, they shaped them according to what they thought was fine.
Talk about doing what you want, all we did was obey orders.
Talk about not being limited, all the wacky ideas were rejected.

Let us experiment.
Let us feel.
Let us learn.
Let us breathe.

We know you have much more experience.
We know you’re probably the best.
We know you’re never wrong.
We know you’re unlike the rest.

We do not stop the guiding hand.
We do not reject the advice.
We do not talk about disrespecting you all.
We do not talk about lies.

All we want is a little more love, a little more freedom and a little more space.
All we want is a little less pressure, a little less burden and a little less strain.

Don’t make us hate you.
Don’t make us fray.
Don’t make us not desire what you say.

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.”
-Leonardo da Vinci

It’s Shaadi season, lovelies! And I’m sure y’all must have attended at least one or two by now. We all know how annoying shaadis are and how many weird aunties and uncles you can bump into.

Worst and the most cliched question asked during a wedding is, ‘Beta, when are you getting married?’ I always have a strong urge to reply, ‘Aunty, that’s none of your business. Your kid is not getting to make babies with me.’

Just yesterday, I went for this wedding. I was disappointed. It goes without saying that one of the major reasons was shitty food. Another one was, that there was no eye-candy. If there’s nothing good to look at, how do you expect me to be there for long? (I did leave ASAP.)
There was hardly anyone I knew and the people I knew were also nothing better than acquaintances who’d added me on Facebook. One of the uncles actually said with a smile, ‘Oh! I liked your Fb picture! You look nothing like you in it!’ He expected me to take that as a compliment and thank him? My foot! (My jutti! Would sound better, I know!) Another aunty went up to my brother and asked him what he was studying. (That was the standard question every student was asked, in the room) Anything below a CA or engineer was looked down upon. At my mention of being a designer, there were broad smiles and a couple of rolling eyes.

There were more CA’s and engineers in that wedding than a CA or an engineer class itself! Horribly ugly looking, flashily dressed and stupidly smiling guys were in abundance. There was no way in hell, I’d answer those aunties about getting married.


Moral of the story? Don’t ever go to a wedding. Especially yours.

The Secret to Happiness.

There’s a ray of sunlight falling on your face.
Drops of rain, running for a race.
Fresh pink flower, blooming in the light.
This is how, you can make your day bright.

Talk to the one you love.
Go out and have some fun.
Drink, if it makes you feel better.
Eat, even though it makes you fatter.

Put on your best clothes.
Hunt for the sexiest shoes.
Dress like you’re going for some wine and dine.
There’s no reason not to look fine.

Don’t hold those grudges.
Go meet your crushes.
Go for a walk, go for a stroll.
Cause you know better on how you roll!