I write too much.
I write too often.
You might miss a few pieces here and there.
So, an index, just to be fair.

39. 21 gobble-able street food yummies in Mumbai
38. From Meh to ROFL
37. Misconceptions and Men.
36. Love Story.
35. People spotting at a concert.
34. One last hug.
33. 15 reasons why you shouldn’t date a Gujju boy.
32. Dexter’s Laboratory
31. One.. Two.. Three..
30. The Symbiosis Curse (Reblog)
29. They Mend Minds.
28. First Time.
27. The First Kiss (Reblog)
26. One True Love.
25. Love being Listed.
23. Top 15 turn offs.
22. 21 Things to not do when you’re angry.
21. A lil something more for she and me
20. She or Me?
19. Hot.
18. The Secret to Happiness.
17. What happens in a relationship, Stays in the relationship?
16. This too shall pass.
15. He lost?
14. Is it dead already?
13. The starry night.
12. Red Lips.
11. The Design Way.
10. Love is in the air!
9. Engineers.. Engineers everywhere!
8. Relationship OR Relationshit?
7. P.S. – I love my roommate
6. A Closet full of Reviews!
5. Confused.. but how?
4. Think wacky! Think WILD!
3. It’s a Hap Happ Happy New Year!
2. The Deathly Embarrassment.
1. My first article.


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