Love story.

From across the room their eyes met. He smiled. She returned. Everyone else was least interested in anyone but the birthday boy. The birthday song was sung and party had begun. Also, so had their story.

They spoke. A lot. She smiled because he made sure she did. He wasn’t one of those who’d go down on one knee and fancy the woman with a flashy ring but she didn’t have those kind of tantrums either.

He was a cute boy with pretty eyes. She was just another gal. He charmed his way with women and she just sat their and blushed. He didn’t let her get distracted for a bit. Honestly there was nothing that could possibly do that to her.

They talked for hours. They were young and so was the night. He got her favourite track to be played and they danced. They danced like no one was looking but in fact everyone was. It was a special kind of feeling she never had before. She liked it very much and made that very obvious with the glow on her face. He was never more proud of himself.

And then in the middle of this beautiful night something really astonishing happened. There was a massive jerk. The kind you don’t experience everyday. The floor cracked. And slowly to did one of the walls. A part of the roof just dropped like extra cheese from a cheese burst pizza. The chaos needed no invitation. There was music and shudder and something that seemed like an eternity of screams. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. He asked her to not worry and trust him on getting her out safe. It was an earthquake, how could she not get scared? She still said yes and followed his lead. It was not that high a building but the damage was massive.

As soon as the situation seemed over and hardly anyone was found injured, a unanimous decision was made to get out safely. Everyone rushed to the gates and balconies. These two picked the gate. The hand was still held and movements were brisk.

They all tried to run outside but would the earthquake let go that easily? It appeared not. It struck again. This time, even harder. He had just made his way out and another part of the ceiling dropped itself with people from the floor above. The ceiling aimed right at her and of course didn’t miss the target. There, he saw the loss of his newly found love. The shock gripped him and made him numb. Movements were still happening around but for him, everything paused right there.