15 reasons why you shouldn’t date a Gujju boy.

Statutory Warning: Everything said in this post is all in good humor. I am a Gujarati girl myself.

Round rotis

So my list making continues to an extent where I’ve started bitching about my own people. Yes, all of you are my own people cause I’m a human and you are humans and all that but Gujaratis are MY PEOPLE.

I’ve grown up mostly around Gujju boys so didn’t really realize how funny they could be until I spent time with a lot of non-Gujjus.
So here’s a list of why one shouldn’t date a Gujju boy.


15. In most probability the Gujju boy will be a vegetarian. Even if he pretends to eat/lick the non-veg food that you offer, he’ll not tell his parents about it and his excuse will be that he’s just doing that to ‘fit in’. (I’m a vegetarian.)
14. Gujju boy will not be very educated but he’ll obviously be great with money. Even if he sucks at math he’ll count your notes like a pro. You don’t want to date a ‘Note Counting Machine’.
13. He has very few options in mind post college. He would either want to join the diamond market, start dealing in shares, open a small stationery/ general store shop or get into some chill job in the film industry. Less work, more money, you see?
12. He comes with baggage. Literally. His paunch.
11. He has a bald patch. If he doesn’t have it already, he will eventually get it.
10. He’ll expect you to cook. ‘Darling, please make me hot rotis with this vegetable?’ Sigh. Go ask your mom to pamper you, please?
9. His shirt has all sorts of gross patterns stitched on them. Flowers and ‘mehendi designs’ are all nicely embroidered on his wacky loud shirts. If they’re plain do expect them to be of some hideous shade.
8. He cannot dance at a party. You’ll spot him either standing at one corner having Coca Cola or doing Dandiya right in the center of the club. You’ll also periodically see him do his classy neck movements when he shakes a leg.
7. Food is his ultimate priority. He cannot travel anywhere without carrying a packet of something cooked at home. ‘Thepla’ and pickle will be his priority though.
6. Some men like it when you can sing/ dance, some like it when you go all dirty on him. He’ll LOVE you if you can cook him nice ‘undhiyu’. (It’s a mix vegetable dish, in case y’all are wondering.)
5. He cannot talk in proper English. He just cannot. Either his language sucks or the way he writes/types. There’ll rarely be a Gujju boy who’ll sweep you off your feet with his words.
4. He can’t come up with smart comebacks. The internet is ruling the minds but the Gujju won’t come out of his calculator. He won’t know how Twitter functions, he won’t get the reason why one shouldn’t like their own status/ picture or even how you should respond to a certain joke.
Friend: Knock knock!
Gujju Boy: What? You’re stupid or what?
3. He’s a die-hard cricket follower. So much that it gets annoying. But of course, if he won’t watch, how will he bet on the teams with his friends?
2. He uses Sampoo and not shampoo. He won’t even know what a conditioner would be good for. Though he obviously will have it in his bathroom.
1.ย If he gets into a bar fight, no one will take him seriously once he decides to abuse. When you hear stuff like ‘aye vaydo!’, ‘vaaghri’ or ‘chaaplo’, you won’t go all, ‘What the hell did you just say?’, you’ll just go, ‘Hahahahahahaha! Acha bhai sorry, okay?’

188 thoughts on “15 reasons why you shouldn’t date a Gujju boy.

  1. I am a dating a gujju boy and im a maharshtrian, the best part of dating him is that he is not a stereotypical gujju the way you mentioned but i know many of them who are such… some points are totally agreeable but some are not… but in the end i think you’d always go for a cute and a sweet boy rather than dating an 8 pack guy who is totally an asshole.

  2. I’m not a gujrati boys but I came in ahamdabad in 2016 in August month, for doing my m.tech.my experience with gujrati boys are so horrible.mr s.thakkar ur 15 points are not sufficient to measure why u can’t date with gujrati boys.1) in my point of view they have not very good spekar of English as well as Hindi also.2) they can’t be good friends because they are so mean nd cheep too.3).in gujraat the castism feeling all over the places.4) one of the surveys done by times of India in 2015 dec says that mostly Gujarati men’s are suffering from many times of sexual disfunctions, as premature ejaculation , erectile dysfunction, diffecincy of sperm counts. Nd mainly this problem happened due to unhealthy food habbits nd nashakhori.5) many of gujju boys chew mawas nd pan masalas nd smoking too in early of his ages.so they are completely disgrassful.6) because of lack of physical fitness the no of gujju boys in very less in Indian armed forces also 7) gujju boys are not good in bed also mostly unhappy women’s found in guraat imagine.

  3. I am a Bengali girl n fallen in love with Gujarati boy I already Read Ur all of comments few matches exactly n few not but reading all these it won’t stop me loving him ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Print on shirt, oh please they have good taste. Education, I know many tech guys and not every guy have business to do, we have companies over here and they provide jobs, you know. Talking about dance, if they can do garba for hours then they can move their body perfectly. Talking about products my brother shop them better than me. And English is language, yeah we don’t speak it on daily basis but they can make you look idiot when they start speaking English. Slangs, we had culture, this shows way how nicely our parents brought them up.

    And yeah they don’t actually give shit what people think about them.

  5. Indian guy from London here. This post is fucking hilarious!!! I disagree with some of them though, if you danced in front of me or “go all dirty on me”, you can be sure that you were about to get the fuck of your life.

  6. Miss Thakkar,
    The only word that describes your state of mind is oblivion.
    And I bet you would have to google the meaning of the last word to make sense out of this comment. One of the reasons why you couldnt find gujju boyz apart from the ones you described ..

  7. I m not saying all gujus.. but my frnd said he worked at ICON architectural firm. Their d architects r like hell.. they never use 2 do their.jus comment on others look n culture.. they think they r d best… he said being an architect dey behave like makhichoose…

  8. This is so funny. I am married to a Gujarati, and not even one point is true about him ๐Ÿ˜€ the only thing would be that he likes cricket, but he never bets ))

  9. โ€œCriticism is the only reliable form of autobiography,” Oscar Wilde said, because it tells you more about the psychology of the critic than the people he or she criticizes .

  10. Well…u just gave 15 reasons why one SHOULD NOT date you…SThakkar (who so ever u are).
    English is not a measure of intelligence, its a language.
    Every culture has its own charm. There are bengalis, south Indians etc. Who have their own accent and behaviour.
    Gujjus never go and make fun of them.
    Learn to respect every Indian Culture.
    And about the paunch thing…as if u have surveyed entire India to find out which community has it in maximum. Most Indians do..and most of them Dont.
    Maybe you are living in some stereotypical world where you have seen only all this. Please come out and see the world. See gujjus…they have gone way ahead of your dumb thoughts.

  11. Basically they don’t give a rat’s ass to bloggers like you. I understand that you are noticing those nuances among most of the gujju guys but dude those stereotypes are so wrong. It makes no sense. It just shows that you have had serious issues with your gujju ex.

    P.S. : Gujjus are smart enough to do a trend Analysis of the comments below and factually prove you wrong.

  12. Shruti Thakkar,
    I feel bad for you, apparently you have been dating either Surti rockets(probably you know what I mean) or some illiterate villagers(may be because you’re kind of niggerlover). Well, I would say “yes I agree with you at this point and blah blah” but what you wrote here, are you sure this goes to all Gujju guys!!? (Up to my knowledge not even 50%). If your answer is yes, I’m sorry that you are not capable of finding a good date. If you are living in some bad location where you couldn’t get a good guy to your level(irony) than try your luck somewhere else. Beacause until I imagine, not only Gujju, no “good/sophisticated” guy in this world would go with you ๐Ÿ™‚
    Apart from this-> Dance in club/party/sex/food, Education , my bucket list, skills, sports etc. I’m not saying every gujju has same way and list but I can assure you that it is not even 1% close to your level of poor imagination!
    Yes I wrote this out of anger with irony. But also put your thoughts on Gujju girls and their expectations! They are more annoying than listening wonderwall from a guitarist!(no offence to guitarists)
    Anyways, what you wrote, caught good attention with supporting comments! So cheers. I’m sure if you will start moving from state to state, you can write a great blog on “why shouldn’t you date an ‘Indian’ guy”.

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