15 reasons why you shouldn’t date a Gujju boy.

Statutory Warning: Everything said in this post is all in good humor. I am a Gujarati girl myself.

Round rotis

So my list making continues to an extent where I’ve started bitching about my own people. Yes, all of you are my own people cause I’m a human and you are humans and all that but Gujaratis are MY PEOPLE.

I’ve grown up mostly around Gujju boys so didn’t really realize how funny they could be until I spent time with a lot of non-Gujjus.
So here’s a list of why one shouldn’t date a Gujju boy.


15. In most probability the Gujju boy will be a vegetarian. Even if he pretends to eat/lick the non-veg food that you offer, he’ll not tell his parents about it and his excuse will be that he’s just doing that to ‘fit in’. (I’m a vegetarian.)
14. Gujju boy will not be very educated but he’ll obviously be great with money. Even if he sucks at math he’ll count your notes like a pro. You don’t want to date a ‘Note Counting Machine’.
13. He has very few options in mind post college. He would either want to join the diamond market, start dealing in shares, open a small stationery/ general store shop or get into some chill job in the film industry. Less work, more money, you see?
12. He comes with baggage. Literally. His paunch.
11. He has a bald patch. If he doesn’t have it already, he will eventually get it.
10. He’ll expect you to cook. ‘Darling, please make me hot rotis with this vegetable?’ Sigh. Go ask your mom to pamper you, please?
9. His shirt has all sorts of gross patterns stitched on them. Flowers and ‘mehendi designs’ are all nicely embroidered on his wacky loud shirts. If they’re plain do expect them to be of some hideous shade.
8. He cannot dance at a party. You’ll spot him either standing at one corner having Coca Cola or doing Dandiya right in the center of the club. You’ll also periodically see him do his classy neck movements when he shakes a leg.
7. Food is his ultimate priority. He cannot travel anywhere without carrying a packet of something cooked at home. ‘Thepla’ and pickle will be his priority though.
6. Some men like it when you can sing/ dance, some like it when you go all dirty on him. He’ll LOVE you if you can cook him nice ‘undhiyu’. (It’s a mix vegetable dish, in case y’all are wondering.)
5. He cannot talk in proper English. He just cannot. Either his language sucks or the way he writes/types. There’ll rarely be a Gujju boy who’ll sweep you off your feet with his words.
4. He can’t come up with smart comebacks. The internet is ruling the minds but the Gujju won’t come out of his calculator. He won’t know how Twitter functions, he won’t get the reason why one shouldn’t like their own status/ picture or even how you should respond to a certain joke.
Friend: Knock knock!
Gujju Boy: What? You’re stupid or what?
3. He’s a die-hard cricket follower. So much that it gets annoying. But of course, if he won’t watch, how will he bet on the teams with his friends?
2. He uses Sampoo and not shampoo. He won’t even know what a conditioner would be good for. Though he obviously will have it in his bathroom.
1. If he gets into a bar fight, no one will take him seriously once he decides to abuse. When you hear stuff like ‘aye vaydo!’, ‘vaaghri’ or ‘chaaplo’, you won’t go all, ‘What the hell did you just say?’, you’ll just go, ‘Hahahahahahaha! Acha bhai sorry, okay?’
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115 thoughts on “15 reasons why you shouldn’t date a Gujju boy.

  1. All the points I agree with my new found gujju love… Esp “SHH” part, but you know what its kind of refreshing how he calls me, “tu”. It inversely makes me fall in love with him head over heels….
    But yes they are little too harsh for my baby is exceptionally well dressed all the time.:)

  2. I have a gujju friend who’s my best friend. And he is an amazing dancer knows to dance almost all styles of dance, his english is perfect..he’s the topper in english actually, is studying engineering,knows how to send flirty messages, like seriously…sometimes i’m like “dude are you for real?” And he hasn’t abused till now, but i think he knows pretty daring swear words.
    Personally i think dating a gujju boy would be awesome, *giggles* dating my gujju best friend actually! :D

  3. Found the post a tad bit sterotypical. It was funny in someways but had hint of hate and bitterness towards ‘gujju boys’. Seemed too biased and based on your little personal experience. It was a good attemp to be informal post but turned out to be a disrespectful one.
    ~A disappointed gujju

  4. this post is written by a girl who has never experienced a real Kathiyawadi boy who wud sweep her of her girl wid his excellent sense of humour.

    n frankly speaking compare urself wid a punjabi girl, those girls r too fashionable and bold compared to desi gujarati Ben like u.

  5. Clickbaiting, self-hating belle who’s never crossed the hallowed lands of Surat? :p I half didn’t want to honor this turgid crap with a response but hey you’ve already got my website hit – might as well get one for your base attempt at humor.

    P.S – You got married to one of These at 21 against your wishes eh Thakkar?

  6. Well with what you said I am sure you must be living in a remote area somewhere and I would advice you to come to big cities in order to meet the right guys and if you already are in big city it would be best to switch to some porsche location… if you dont look good or don’t have good attitude, you might have few more 10-15 reasons to add in here :)

  7. Which world are you living in ? Most of the points are fucked up!! No wait….all of them are fucked up !!! Either you are not a gujarati or you haven’t actually met a gujju boy !!! You better get the fuck out of your house and see the world !!!

  8. Man fuck you… Your source of info is really limited. the GUJJU boys you grew up with is not enough evidence to make such a judgement about Gujarati boys. I mean even I am a Gujarati boy and i barely fit in to this crappy, judgmental description of yours about gujju guys. Common even you’re a Gujarati according to this article of yours. Out of all you should know better.

  9. A good humor does not include labeling and stereotyping of a particular community. PATHETIC read of the day! Terribly Sexist too
    I hope your parents find an amazing Gujarati guy for you.
    P.S This is not a curse

    You got to change your outlook big time and please get your ” good humor” definitions right

  10. C mon guys.. Chillax.. There is no reason to get offended for things like these… Be a sport… U know how gujjus are.. If it does match with the author’s view then accept her viewpoint else take it as a good sense of humour

  11. C mon guys.. Chillax.. There is no reason to get offended for things like these… Be a sport… U know how gujjus are.. If it does match with the author’s view then accept her viewpoint else take it as a good sense of humour

  12. First of all…. u might have these all experiences mam with 1 or 2 persons… so being gujju don’t just spoil our name for the sake of making ur article popular…dear mam also glad to tell u that gujjus r the most famous community in the world…. And just meet me once I will show u how gujjus can do… will show u especially point 5 nd 8.. please check my English at our meeting and also check if my glass is filled with coke or whisky… mind it…

  13. Ohhhhh god!! Lol!! Look at the way you’ve written stuff! Kindly join grammar classes first!
    Next, wrote all that in good humor?? I would write a book on you had I got a chance to meet you once and all that in good humor!!

    Yes they are good at money, yes then carry home cooked food, yes they love cricket! So what?? I couldn’t laugh reading any of the points you’ve written (considering you wrote it in gold humor). I could go on and on criticising every point you’ve written.

    And yes, who wears embroidered shirts now?? Which planet are you living in? And even if they do, it doesn’t make them a bad person or should I assume you are advising people to like a man by the clothes he wears?

    I pity your thoughts!

    Lol lol lol!

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