The Symbiosis Curse

Sumedh Natu

I dread telling people in Pune I’m a Symbiosis student. It takes a huge amount of courage. One needs to take a deep breath and say it as casually as possible and wait for the interviewer to roll his eyes and slowly contort his face in disgust like a jumbled Rubiks cube. In nine cases out of ten, he will proceed to put you in the category one associates with Mexican drug peddlers. In the tenth case, the candidate will turn out to be a fellow Symbian, who will make a mental note to bitch about the worthlessness of your particular institute at some point later in his life.

I would love to tackle some FAQs at this stage. Firstly, we aren’t all rich, spoilt brats. Just because we happen to wear a uniform involving the amalgamation of a shirt and trousers and speak the English language with above average…

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They Mend Minds.

They said they’d open our minds. They lied.
They said we could do what we wanted. They lied.
They said we would understand ourselves better. They lied.
They said it won’t be limited. They lied.
They said nothing would be more fun than that. They lied.

Talk about opening our minds, they shaped them according to what they thought was fine.
Talk about doing what you want, all we did was obey orders.
Talk about not being limited, all the wacky ideas were rejected.

Let us experiment.
Let us feel.
Let us learn.
Let us breathe.

We know you have much more experience.
We know you’re probably the best.
We know you’re never wrong.
We know you’re unlike the rest.

We do not stop the guiding hand.
We do not reject the advice.
We do not talk about disrespecting you all.
We do not talk about lies.

All we want is a little more love, a little more freedom and a little more space.
All we want is a little less pressure, a little less burden and a little less strain.

Don’t make us hate you.
Don’t make us fray.
Don’t make us not desire what you say.

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.”
-Leonardo da Vinci