First Time.

It’s not everyday that you decide to meet a complete stranger. She said yes; for the very first time. She didn’t exactly know why, but she did. He was funny. His compliments worked. He was adamant. And she was up for something different.

After that normal day at work, she rode to this place far away, bumping the vehicle once or twice. The dent ignited the anger and the distance fueled the fire.Finally, after a lot of traffic dodging, she made it. Thankfully, for him, he was already there. She parked the vehicle and walked in sheer regret. How could she meet a complete stranger? That too, on a bad hair day?

He stood there, smiling from ear to ear. How could one not smile to that? She gave in. He’d recognized her, though she took a second more, to confirm. She knew it was him and by this time, they had already exchanged the greetings and entered the restaurant. They got their orders and took a seat. Conversations were waiting to happen. It was awkward, a hell lot but it a got better, a hell yeah.

He obviously had to take the first step in knowing about what she did apart from what he knew. He tried to match interests to make the small talk go on for long. For some reason, the universe was not with him today. Neither did they have a similar choice in food nor in picking their favorite teams. Neither did they laugh to the same kind of jokes nor did they like the same kind of people. Internet is incorrect, they must have thought. Though that didn’t stop him from charming her, neither did it stop her from charming him. They liked the company but fell short of ways to frequent it. He yapped on and on and it was like she’d stapled that smile of hers. There were moments of like a spark of anger but the charmer that he was, could she hold it on for any longer?

The evening finally came to an end with a lot of stories unfolded. They didn’t leave with anything but smiles and a great evening’s memories.


The First Kiss

Ambiguity and Orange City

She made my lap her couch now and my hands her cushions, holding them firmly; her face depicting bashfulness clearly and her heartbeats being downright modest. I reciprocated by pecking her hand kindly. She acted like every Indian girl would, shy, which had my entire fixation and fondness.

The acuity made us flow with the flow; it made us gradually join our foreheads and noses. The aura was now just consumed by our breaths. Her once slow breaths evidently altered to unbroken gasps now. Her hold on my shirt grew tighter with every passing second. We firmly held each others’ hands, entwining our fingers into themselves, all the while our eyes shut tightly, and we both with our tacit accord incurring the emotional numbness of being one in love.

My hand moving freely over her bare soft nape finally settled down on her cheek. The other one constantly coddling her back from…

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One True Love.

Everyone has that one true love of their life. Something/ Someone for whom they can sacrifice any joy of their life. Something that they’re crazy for. Something for which they become a crazy stalker and know everything, in and out.
I guess like ‘Rose’ from ‘Two and a Half men’.

Some like a woman. Some have their Superman. Some have ze alcohol or ze weed. But he was different.
It’s not love, after a point it is an addiction. You want to know more and more about it/him/her and every tiny detail is just so nicely settled in that corner of your brain.

And now you’re scared how true this is.

He also is. Should be.

He loved it since the time he knew how to spell it. He was jealous of the others who had it but didn’t value it. He wanted to study, so that he could work, so that he could earn, so that he could buy his one and only. He’d day dream about it. He’d cry for it. He’d smile at the thought of it. He loved it, dearly. It was his only dream. His Enfield.

He could smell it from a mile away. He knew about the in and out of the engine and the machine. He didn’t want the bike cause he could ride it, he learnt how to ride cause he wanted that bike. He might even shed a tear while reading this.

I hope someday he meets his true love. I hope there is no one that comes in between this love. I hope this love remains pure, forever.

Love being Listed.

Love Lists for Life. One more. About Love.

They say Love is blind. Love is forever. Love knows no bounds. Love sets you free etcetera, etcetera.

Par, kya tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya?
Kabhi tumne kisi ko dil diya?
Maine bhi diya… lalala.

We know about the unending needs of a woman.
What does love make a man do?

Here’s a list of the top 15 things a man does, when in love.

15. Carry her handbag. (Why not? I mean, everyone does a lil bit of adjustment when in Love!)
14. Recharge her Phone. She doesn’t go out and earn, does she?
13. Watch chick-flicks with her. When else can you watch the movies you love?
12. Throw the cockroach out of her house while both of y’all are screaming like a ‘One Direction’ fan. You know even you’re scared of flying roaches. Who isn’t?
11. Eat her left overs. You know she can’t eat a lot. Why’d you buy her the 6″ subway sammich’ then?
10. Text her friends. This will make them bitch about you, to her. Stay away.
9. Not take advantage of her when she’s drunk. (That’s the reason she got drunk in the first place.)
8. Always be her +1. And make her realize that you’re an overly-attached boyfriend and then make her start hating you.
7. Call her, Text her or be with her and make her realize you’re there for her 24×7. I have nothing to say except, give some S P A C E.
6. Write love letters and cute mails. I guess that invented the cute metal song. (Most of the people here won’t get that joke, but never mind.)
5. Dedicate songs to her. She doesn’t need to know how much you suck at singing. Stop with posting stupid songs for her on your Soundcloud.
4. Love her when she’s going through ‘THAT’ time of the month.
3. Fix her computer. Who better than you would know how to put a serial number for a software and install it?
2. Spend your money on her shopping. She comes with a price tag, doesn’t she?
1. Get her a teddy bear. What could be a better way of telling her she’s immature?

Go kids, make love! 🙂

It’s Shaadi season, lovelies! And I’m sure y’all must have attended at least one or two by now. We all know how annoying shaadis are and how many weird aunties and uncles you can bump into.

Worst and the most cliched question asked during a wedding is, ‘Beta, when are you getting married?’ I always have a strong urge to reply, ‘Aunty, that’s none of your business. Your kid is not getting to make babies with me.’

Just yesterday, I went for this wedding. I was disappointed. It goes without saying that one of the major reasons was shitty food. Another one was, that there was no eye-candy. If there’s nothing good to look at, how do you expect me to be there for long? (I did leave ASAP.)
There was hardly anyone I knew and the people I knew were also nothing better than acquaintances who’d added me on Facebook. One of the uncles actually said with a smile, ‘Oh! I liked your Fb picture! You look nothing like you in it!’ He expected me to take that as a compliment and thank him? My foot! (My jutti! Would sound better, I know!) Another aunty went up to my brother and asked him what he was studying. (That was the standard question every student was asked, in the room) Anything below a CA or engineer was looked down upon. At my mention of being a designer, there were broad smiles and a couple of rolling eyes.

There were more CA’s and engineers in that wedding than a CA or an engineer class itself! Horribly ugly looking, flashily dressed and stupidly smiling guys were in abundance. There was no way in hell, I’d answer those aunties about getting married.


Moral of the story? Don’t ever go to a wedding. Especially yours.