There is not a single person who I haven’t heard cribbing about this heat. So hot, I could make a chapati on my pre-heated head.
Someone said, ‘it’s because of the global warming.’ Bro, this ‘Global Warming’ is going to kill all of us!

This aunty I met in the lift, very sweet and homely and all. But, sweaty as a frying pan. My roommate describes her as a frying pan who’s done with the frying chips business and the leftover oil is all over. Aunty, use a napkin, maybe?

The attendance in my college has increased incredibly since a week now. Even though we don’t have classes, students are seen roaming around in the campus. It’s because most of the students cannot afford an Air conditioner and the college has a couple of classes where the air conditioner is on all the time. What? We’re just utilizing the facilities we already pay for!

The funny part is, not only people in my area or my city are crying about this sulky weather but also the people all over the country.
Can it rain already?
I’ll store as many mangoes as I think I can eat till the summer is supposed to last, let’s just get over with this heat.

It’s sad because now men cannot hide their infamous moobs(man-boobs). They tend to sweat in the wrong places and reveal the wrong curves.
Yes dear men, even we girls thought the shorts and skirts were back in action but when we realised how much our skin would burn without any clothing on our legs, we decided it’s better to suffer for a short while than to suffer for two-three months straight.

The joy that one gets when he sees hot-hot chapatis, patted with some oil straight out from mom’s kitchen is also no longer alive. The thought of eating hot food when the weather is like such a burning furnace is not pleasing, is it?

The last thing that would piss you off in this heat is the walls. Your dear walls also are struck by this disease. Try moving your hand through these walls, you’ll know what I’m talking about!


The Secret to Happiness.

There’s a ray of sunlight falling on your face.
Drops of rain, running for a race.
Fresh pink flower, blooming in the light.
This is how, you can make your day bright.

Talk to the one you love.
Go out and have some fun.
Drink, if it makes you feel better.
Eat, even though it makes you fatter.

Put on your best clothes.
Hunt for the sexiest shoes.
Dress like you’re going for some wine and dine.
There’s no reason not to look fine.

Don’t hold those grudges.
Go meet your crushes.
Go for a walk, go for a stroll.
Cause you know better on how you roll!

What happens in a relationship, Stays in the relationship?

All she needed was a lil bit of care. A lil extra effort. All he could do is give a lil bit of attention.
Her fate was taking her down and she needed him to get up. There wasn’t any other bothering but then again, there wasn’t any more room.
He shot her down and kissed her with a smile, he slammed the door but he took her for dinner.
She could do with the simple joys he gave, but with time, that changed. With time, it all became materialistic and fake. There were no random texts no random trips no random hugs. Everything needed a reason to happen and may be the spark was gone.
He was hell bent on ending it, she was trying to put the pieces together. Holding it all, letting nothing apart.
For him, a new chapter was starting and he didn’t want her to play the same role in that.
For her, the old chapter was still motile.

There were so many unsaid, unheard things, they let it be. That just grew with time and let the bitterness in them, free.
There was much more love, so much purity when this all started. She thought to herself, is that how we saw this going?
There were other pressures that held both of them down, but each couldn’t understand the other, which was a major let down.

When random conversations end, you know it’s not the same anymore.
There’s a lot of formalness and no random plans.

The start of this journey was not as complex as now.
He saw her first and fell in love for which she was so not sure.
He made her fall in love with him, there were happy texts and emails.
They spoke all night and met in the day and planned their happy days.

He went to places she liked most and she thought she did the same.
Turned out he needed more space now, that they had not done till date.
The adjustment was difficult, no doubt,
She couldn’t do it at first and that’s how,
All the arguments began.
Now the mushy-ness was already getting less,
The space was his only concern now.

He pampered her to get to her and now wanted her to act mature.
She couldn’t understand why she should change, for a guy who wouldn’t even get her.
There weren’t all sad days like you think there are, cause happiness is a way of life.
They still hung out and went for dinner but spoke just like some man and wife.
He wasn’t so attached, prepared to leave,
She couldn’t take it all by herself.
She tried ways and means to convince him to stay,
Not physically but at least in some way.

They are still going on and I’m sure for a while will,
For what they have is not so weak.
Because where there is love there will always be
Something or the other to seek.

This too shall pass.

There was a time when I couldn’t say no.
There was a time when I saw the moonlight and felt the joy.
There was a time when the breeze was enjoyed.
There was a time when the world, I thought, revolved around me.
There was a time when I thought all dreams come true.
There was a time when a small fairy tale by her put me to sleep.
There was a time when a star she gave made my day.
There was a time when the only birthday celebration I wanted was to distribute chocolates to my class.
There was a time when playing was only with friends and not feelings.
There was a time when I’d cry only when my parents shouted.
There was a time when the entire class was my best friend.
There was a time when paper boats were the most creative you could get.
There was a time when I thought these things stayed forever.

That time has passed.

This too shall pass.

He lost?

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.

He hadn’t lost. He was disappointed for the loss. For he couldn’t do anything was his excuse. They consoled, he refused. He knew in the back of his head it was all his fault.

The race wasn’t a big deal. Neither was the prize. The kick in the bum was for the pride.

He is Superman, he just won’t accept it.
He can win battles with his smile, but he’d deny it.
He can impress women with his words, but he’s still shy.
If you get a friend like him, you’d need nothing else at all.
Always at your doorstep, ready to help.
Brings a smile on your face even if you don’t ask for it.
He’ll do those small things, to make you comfortable,
And also those things that’d tick you off.
He gets you angry then calms you down,
then buys you ice cream ’cause he doesn’t want to leave you with a frown.
He comes and he goes but his love will forever behold.
I know he wouldn’t like to read all this about him
But that won’t stop me from writing, will it?