Is it dead already?

It’s not yours till it’s gone.

I mean, technically it is, but you wouldn’t know it’s value till it’s gone. Like, creativity. I didn’t know how easy it makes my life, till now, when I know it’s gone on a break.

Honestly, this is why I am writing this post.

Dead Creativity

Design students would know the value of being creative all the time, cause that’s what they have to do! I wouldn’t deny that a lot of other professions need creativity as much as or more than us, designers. But that wouldn’t make it any less for us.

Being this the last week of submissions, all our professors suddenly remember, they need to mark us. And here begins our nightmare. Never ending submissions, sleepless nights, attendance issues, internship hunts and what not? So much pressure on these fragile shoulders! (Yes, I am frail and fragile 🙂 )

We’re not that easy to break, though. We man up and face these obstacles. Have a lot of coffee(not me), keep loud music on, keep calling for internships, put a leash on our creativity, get it back and finish the submissions on time.
Such a victorious story this’d be! 🙂 Sigh!
Too bad this is the situation of most of us, so it wouldn’t fancy us.

Which is why I put it up here, so you guys would also know! 🙂
Pray for us and we’ll brighten your future!

-To-be Product Designer
*Link to my fancy portfolio*


The starry night.

WARNING: This is going to be a very vague post. Brace yourselves. Keep that smile on.

There are series of thoughts flowing in my head. Some happy, some sad. There is nothing which could grip my attention at this point of time. Typing this, I realize what a fickle minded person I am. Or may be behaving like one. It’s possible that this could be the result of watching too much of one particular show. It could also be the kind help that my not-so-lively house has given. My room is a mess and so are my thoughts. I should clean and compile things in my room and I think my brain will be guided similarly.

It often happens, when you have no thoughts in your head, you think a lot. About nothing in particular but a lot of things simultaneously.

There are a lot of things I think I can do right now that I am not doing anything.
Clean my room, for starters.
Type properly. The amount of times I have used the backspace key till now in this post is not even funny now.
Finish some Photoshop work pending.
Work on my portfolio.
Write a nice article (not some driven-by-emotion kind, like this one)

But I am doing the complete opposite. Which is also healthy ’cause sometimes you just gotta break the rules, baby!

I think I feel happy now, thanks to you. 🙂
This is why I love writing and drawing. Get’s out your emotions in a way you’d not know but you know you would. (And yes, I love confusing you guys, as mentioned in my previous posts.)

The energy in the universe doesn’t ever end. Just gets transferred.

Red Lips.



Look at all the women around you. Look at all of your major influences. Look at who took care of you in her womb for 9 months. Look at that lil one who fought with you and made you strong. Look at that one who has guided you through the ups and downs. Look at that pretty thing who loved and cared for you more than anyone around her. Look at that person who stayed up all night just to talk to you and make you feel like the most important part of her life. Look at that one who has promised to spend every minute of her life with you or thinking about you.

You know nothing in your life could happen without some woman, standing there, supporting you. The virtue of giving and expecting nothing in return is what they’re a live example of. They have immense and pure love in their hearts.

Every girl would know, since the time she was born, her mom has been collecting stuff for her marriage. How much ever she’d ask her not to, moms wouldn’t listen. It’s a different kind of joy they get in planning their kids’ lives. And also, gifting stuff to their kids.

My mom loves buying me things. Now that I’m grown up enough to share things with her, she hardly ever shops for herself.

There was this one anniversary, when my dad got her a red lipstick. She never wore it, just adored it as a gift from the one she loved most. I do not know what the reason for her to not wear it was, just think she must have had something in her thoughts. That was one thing she took a lot of pride in, ‘owning a red lipstick which was a gift from her husband’. While just randomly making conversation, I happened to tell her that I just started wearing lipsticks and I love them! I didn’t own a lot of shades though. She immediately stood up, went to her dressing table, removed that red lipstick and handed it to me. She asked me to put it on at that very instance. I, confused, applied it on my lips and by the time I turned back to show it to her, that woman had a tear in her eye.

I think after this incident she’s realized I’m a grown up woman and I’m going to be set free from her safe very soon. My entire childhood must have played like a movie in front of her eyes, those tears are a proof.

I know how difficult it must be for her, living with this fact that the little kid that she flawlessly raised, is soon going to fly away.
Away from her protection.
Away from her set boundaries.
Away into the dark, furious, fast, loathing world.


I know I am a little late, but a Happy Women’s Day to all you magical women!