The Design Way.

Calling yourself a designer is a pain. People expect you to have talents of all kinds of designers which is the same logic that applies to engineers as well. “Wait, I’m a civil engineer, how am I supposed to know what is wrong with your computer?” Yes. Sigh. The same way if I have no interest in automobile design, I will not be able to help you with anything related to a car. THAT was the reason I chose something else over automobile design.

But being a designer is cool. Whatever you do, is fine and accepted since you’re a design student and you know all about the trends and the latest style. (Which is not exactly true but yes.) But a lot of effort goes into the making of a designer. A lot of obstacles, a lot of times when one has to prove himself to the rest of the world that he is capable and not just another lousy student and also internships. Most of you know how it is to work but there is a different level of injustice when you are the designer in the firm. You can NEVER be right. Mind you, never. The client has the last word and whatever you say after it is not applicable. After half of your work for the client is done, you realise, you’re just a medium by which he is getting his thoughts portrayed. There is no creativity and absolutely no freedom. If he says 2+2= 1735, I’m sorry to say, but it’s true. Sometimes, you cannot even defend the brilliant ideas that you have.

So, I think, the college life is the time we can use our creativity and put it to some good use. Make our portfolio may be. It’s not about showing someone how good it is, instead about making yourself happier with your work.

In a design college, the time when the entire college works selflessly without proper food, sleep or entertainment is when we have our annual festival called ‘Fundamental’. This year the theme for our fest was, ‘Tune-In’.


We had a surprisingly excellent team for graphics and illustrations and an immensely talented team for installations. Installations are made by the students themselves and are put up in our campus. Then there was an exhibition team who put up a great show called ‘Pantomime’ by displaying some of the best works by the students done in class or even otherwise.


We also have a design store which was called ‘Haathi & Co.’. This is very dear to all of us since we make small products by ourselves in quantity and put them up for sale.


The design store will not only have exceptionally amazing products but also in damn cheap rates. The amount of stock that design store has on the first day is unimaginable considering the amount that is remaining after the three days. (I also bought stuff from the Design store!)


This is what I made for the design store. Coin wallets in cassettes!


(They’re still available, just in case.) 🙂

Then comes the installations. A few brilliant installations put up by my batch-mates.


The Shadow Art- ‘The touch of God’


The Autorickshaw Frame


The Dragon


The Bike


The Logo

This one was made by a couple of friends and me.


Bubble Wrap Pixel Art

You will not believe when I tell you the actual size of this giant piece. It was 2000mm X 7360mm. We patiently painted each bubble on large bubble wrap sheets and then after adding the minute details, came out our ‘Bigger Picture’.

The festival not only brought out the best in us but also got all of us closer. We, as a batch became much more helpful and caring towards each other.

That’s the powers of festivals in general, you know? Always does something very unimaginable.


Expect the unexpected!

P.S.- Most of the pictures are not clicked by me.
They’re clicked by our documentation team.


Love is in the air!

Happy couples, sad couples, always fighting, cute couples;
Lazy couples, senti couples,this and that, all kinds of couples.

You know when does this happen? Yes, Valentine’s Day.

The dreaded day for single women and not-so-single men.

Like he aptly put it,’Sant Valentine ke marandin ki aapko haardik shubhechha!’ 🙂 (Happy Valentine’s Day in Hindi)


But, is this day all about pink and red hearts, teddy bears, kisses and love anymore? Doesn’t look like. It’s all commercial and meaningless love now. It wasn’t a mandatory gift day in the past but now it’s become all ‘read his/her mind and know what they want and better gift it to them’ day. Doesn’t make any sense to me cause the original essence and the purity of the day lies no more.

Numerous restaurants have ‘Special Valentine’s Day offers’, which is acceptable. What is not acceptable is, that anyone selling anything in the market tries to get along with the sale of the occasion and makes a fool of themselves. The various food joints, massage parlours, shopping centers etc. It’s good to have discount (always), but spoiling the day because of these cheap tactics is not cool.

You can celebrate this day silently and enjoy it but sitting at home, perhaps watching your favorite movie/ game and having a nice candle-light dinner may be home-cooked or ordered. You do not need to go beyond your budget, take her out, spend lots of money and come back without any satisfaction. The hype makes you want to join the crowd that does all this.

Google is cute like that. There was a cute doodle specially dedicated for Valentine’s day and the birthday of George Ferris (who invented the ferris wheel).

Screenshot from the Valentine's Day/George Ferris Google Doodle.

The Ferris wheels are in motion. You have to go and click on the heart and then two randomly selected animals appear individually on the wheel. On the next slide, a short love story (maybe funny) is portrayed about them. This is what I got.


Cute, isn’t it? 🙂

I don’t think there is any harm in letting Valentine’s day get commercialized. In fact I think it’s some big plan by Him which is going to lead to some good. 🙂

So, a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all you guys! :*
Lots of Hugs and Kisses!

Engineers.. Engineers everywhere!

This post is the result of a specific request made by an engineer.

Even though, my very own brother is studying engineering, I do not know anything about it. (Nor do I want to. I mean, who wants to complicate their life, anyway?)

So, since I am completely unaware about their lives and studies and stuff, I’ve decided to put up some memes in respect of them engineers.30714124

Let’s just go one by one and use up all the stereotypes about engineers.

1. N.E.R.D.


Is it a myth or a fact? I don’t think all engineers are nerds. My brother isn’t one. Let’s just ‘haha’ at this one and move on.

2. Forever Alone


This is the most cliche fact about engineers. Though I don’t know how much it’s true. Apparently, very few girls opt for engineering and hence all the men drool at the sight of pretty girls. But again, HAHA!

3. Super smart


Even if I try for a hundred lives, I cannot solve complicated problems that they have to. (I did not say ‘they do’ cause sometimes they just don’t have  a choice!) So yes, very smart they are. Respect!

Now I think I’ll throw light at the reason most of the guys want to become engineers.

*Evil Laugh Here*


One complicated meme, because I do not want you guys talking about it.


But you know, when we’re young and we do such kind of things,


It’s lame, isn’t it? Everyone cannot study that hard and make it to that forever alone level. 😛

But, Mr. Engineers, we all respect y’all and love y’all and trust y’all..
So, here’s a last one, just for y’all! 🙂


(All the memes have been taken from the internet.)