Relationship OR Relationshit?

Statutory Warning: If you think this post relates to you, it most probably doesn’t.


She:    “Omg! He’s so cute!”

Friend:    “Yes! You guys should go out!”

He:     “Hey! You’re pretty! What are you doing this Friday?”

2 weeks later..

She:   “We’re in Love! I knew he was the one the moment I saw him!”

Friend:    “That is so cute!”

He:     “She’s hot man!”

Friend:    “You finally got yourself a girlfriend, dumb ass!”

One year down the line, they’re used to each other. Brave enough to hold hands when they want but subtle enough not to. There’s a lot of love and not much love, too.

(I know I always tend to confuse you guys, but that’s the fun part!)

Is a relation going to be successful if only one makes all the adjustments? Obviously, not.  Both of them make those lil adjustments.

 He gives her a little more space than he would give anybody and she asks for lesser time than she needs.

He will go out with her friends even though he feels out of place and she will try not socializing so much to keep him company.

He will eat the food she likes and she will throw lesser tantrums.

He saves and buys her fancy gifts and she tries learning stuff about sports that he likes.

He makes her breakfast and she makes him dessert. (However wrong that sounds, my intentions are not bad)

But after a point, you get sick of the same music that you’ve been listening to. The same way you’re allowed to get bored of people, too! Arguments start, misunderstandings happen and the world comes crashing down. You start talking ill and hatred develops.

In the end you might kiss and make up for it but you know what a roller coaster a relationship can be! If any of you guys are in or planning to get in a relation, you better be prepared.

To the Guys: Brace yourselves. A lot of drama is coming.

To the Girls: Brace yourselves. A lot of reasons to cry are coming.

(But a lot of fun along with immense love is also coming for you guys and girls)


A Closet full of Reviews!

        Walking on the road, I spot a few people glancing at me.  Some wave at me to acknowledge my presence, others just pass by. Remembering the phrase, ‘in my shoes’ made me think, “If I were them, how would I be to me?”

       I often wonder, what would be the first impression I set of myself when I meet someone for the very first time or how would a person think I am without even talking to me. Something like, ‘The first impression is the last impression’? Cause, the first time you meet someone is when the actual judging happens.

Not loosing track of the topic, I imagined myself to be a third person walking on the other side of the road, noticing me, whispering something to my friends’ ear and then waving back at me. Looking at my clothes, my hair, the way I walk, stuff I’m carrying on me and the people I’m walking with. Keeping everything in mind, thinking…

Now, I am stuck. I don’t know what I would think about myself if I were a third person to see myself. Not a friend, just a random acquaintance.

Here’s where the self-analysis comes. You want to know what kind of a person you are, so you ask people, try thinking it yourself and gaze at yourself for hours in the mirror.

I’d love to gaze myself at the mirror but I decide to review my closet instead.


Short skirts (in a minimal number) would mean, I’m a party person, to an extent?

A large range in colours and patterns of denims would mean I’m ready for experiments and very casual.

I have a fairly large number of shorts. I think that should apply for my love of going out, may be on treks or just randomly on walks.

A few shirts that have (owned or borrowed) would show how formal I am with people (Hardly). And, it even shows a little bit of a mushy side of me (Borrowing his shirt, if you know what I mean)

A LOT of casuals imply on how random and blah I can mostly get. Lots of colours, too! Which clearly, to me, indicate my mood swings (Ask my best mates, cause they’re the ones who suffer 😛 )

I also own randomly coloured skirts and coloured pants which is so hippy but now, experiment is something, isn’t it?

Along with all of that, accessories! The only treasure I never want to let go of! I think they guide my life much more than my clothes do. Bows and neck pieces, earrings and bracelets, I have to have something or the other! That to me is like company. I like having company around. Staying alone is what I dread!

I also make small-small pretty things to go along with the clothes which would obviously hint at my creativity (yes, I take pride in that)

I missed my bags and shoes and jackets but I’ll just let them be. Let’s not get them between you and I?

        So, concluding, I can be called a party person, experimental, casual, creative, mushy, formal, hippy and so much more! But I thought I was just trying to be me?

Oh, you greatly confused but lovable people, let the judging begin!

Confused.. but how?

 I sometimes wonder, how would it feel like, to be the President of this country? Or the most loved actor of all times? Or any famous personality in that case. SO much fan following, yet so lonely. So many people to spend time with, yet not even one to share your darkest, deepest secrets with.

Not only popular people face this problem, but also a common person like you and I do. I’d love to call myself extrovert or outgoing or popular and I might also claim to know most of the people in my campus but I know a thing for sure, when I have to cry, I do not have all those shoulders to rely on. I have a certain bunch of friends who are going to be there with me, no matter what. 

You know, deep down within you, that what I say is true. You go out, party with a bunch of ‘cool people’. Chill with another bunch of friends. But, when you fight with your girl/guy or have some major tiff at home, you’re not calling any of those ‘cool people’ to share your sorrows with. You just cannot whine about how bad your life is, to those guys because you know, somewhere (even if they don’t accept it) they’re sitting there, judging you. Making you feel vulnerable and weak. Whereas, there’s this small group of mates, you don’t ‘chill with’ often, don’t call them regularly nor do you bother to check if they are alive, but you know, when you want them, you can call them (even at the middle of the night) to just rant about how you feel, cry if you can’t hold back your tears or even abuse like a maniac cause you’re super-pissed at something. They’re the ones going to be like ‘it’s going to be fine’ or ‘she’s a bitch who didn’t deserve you’ or ‘they don’t know what they’re missing’ or sometimes even ‘You know you’re hot and if you can’t find a nice guy till you’re 30, we’ll get married, okay?’. 

It’s like having so much fake jewellery and just one or two real diamond necklaces. How you’d treasure those diamond necklaces. Not wear them often, but when time comes that you need to show-off, you know which Poké Ball to use. 🙂 

(Warning: That only applies to Pokémon fans, for the rest of you’ll, ‘you’ll know which necklace to pick.’ *boooring, you guys*)

So, the fact that you’re outgoing, is given.
The fact that you do have a bunch of close friends, given.
But how many times does it happen, that you’re outgoing and a loner at the same time?

This is a very strange situation with various perspectives. You might be an outgoing person who knows a lot of people but just won’t share your life story with them. Act all shady and secretive and make people think you’re one of those mystery boxes. (Trust me, a lot of guys think that is pretty attractive)
Or you just might be the kind of person who has plans all the time, still, isn’t doing anything most of the time. That got you confused even more, right? I think these kind of people need to be explored a lot more. They fall into the ‘never-satisfied’ category. 
(I’ll just type this in first person, so you’ll read it in first person which will help you’ll relate to the topic)

So, I party a lot. Love going out and never coming back home. ‘Lost’ is the word I can relate to, most of the time. But yet, when you call me, I’m at home, doing nothing. No, I do not stay at home all the time. I do go out. I don’t know the balance of it though. The ratio might be heavy on either of the sides sometimes but I try hard to keep it equal. It’s very complicated for me, cause I do not know if I can call myself outgoing anymore. I hang out with a lot of people. Live in the glamour and the fake world but I don’t know, with how many can I go back home and actually have a heart-to-heart conversation with. The only conversation I can make with them is about their clothes, drinks and what did they do last Saturday night. It’s weird because I like having those random, pointless conversations too.

All I can come up with, to justify this situation is, that the person in question cannot do nothing. He/She has to be doing something which may be either going out or staying at home, listening to music and getting bored. He expects a lot from life and himself and that’s why the lonely feeling when he’s not out. He might also love having to spend time with himself, but the other side of him wouldn’t accept that.

Could it be a mild version of multiple personality disorder?

Think wacky! Think WILD!

Have you heard about this?

We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.

-William James (1908)

That was misinterpreted as ‘We merely use 10% of our brain most of the times’. Yes, it is a myth. It does sound pretty funny, doesn’t it? Like, we pretend to be the smartest organisms created by God and still foolishly assume that we don’t use the entirety of the brain that we possess.

For a second, let’s just assume, the myth is what is true. All we do, is use only (or even less than) 10% of our majestic brain. We’re smart but we can still do so much more. The scope just increases by so much more. Like, so much more land is still left to be conquered, so many metals yet to be found or still so many fish in the sea! (If you know what I mean!)
Let’s think of it this way. You are starving. All you have been feeding yourself with, is whatever your mom left for you in a certain drawer in your room. Now, you want to experience something new, may be work for it but get better results than the stale food. You walk down and look for the fridge.


Now, you know why you pictured rainbows and ponies, right? A fridge full of yummy food! Cheese, Tacos, Mayo, Cakes, Pastries, Pizzas, burgers, Chocolates, Popcorn, Strawberries, Macaroons, Ice-cream, Cupcakes, Gummy bears, Pancakes, Doughnuts, Hamburgers, Cookies, Nachos, Chocolate sauce and EVERYTHING ELSE you ever wanted! What if, you realize, you can eat ALL OF IT!
(I’m sorry to have made you drool with the long list but I had to get my point through, no? 😀 )

Let’s think of using the brain, the same way. This time, we have no barricades to stop our imagination from running wild and thinking of the things we’d do, if we’re using all of our brain to the maximum. Like running in an empty field with nothing to worry about and still getting a bonus for every time you move a muscle. You’d be so rich by the end of the day that you’d never have to work ever again.

Thinking on the same lines, if you had the power to use the entirety of your brain, you could pay attention and not pay attention at the same time! Listen to everything you think is necessary for the moment and everything else is handled by the subconscious mind. Nothing to worry about, cause you remember every detail precisely.

You can finish a fat book in a day. You don’t even waste much time in re-reading because your mind can NEVER get distracted from what you want to do. Which would in turn make you a strong-willed person, too. You know what you want, and you know what you have to do to get it. Your mind can never be like a messy room since the brain’s functioning so fast that it sorts cases out as and when they come. This will even help you to use the information when you want to.

You start looking at the world through a different perspective. You don’t lose your social values, you just start realizing how useless they are. You turn into a ‘mature new-born kid’ who enjoys the newness and yet knows how to deal with it. The colors you see start giving you different feeling. Your right brain activity increases and the creativity in you gets a boost. You can work much more in a much lesser given time span. The world just becomes very petty in front of your eye. All you care about is how you feel and how you want to deal with things and care about the people you think are important.

There will be no cases of late bill payment. You’re so awesome that you remember the due dates and make sure to be way before it. Talk about dates, your girlfriend or wife will never be pissed at you for forgetting ‘the first time you’ll ate salad at a particular restaurant’ or ‘the first time she made you coffee’ or even ‘the first time she used the loo at your place’! However trivial it is to you or however major is its impact in your life, ‘Thou Shalt not Forget’!

You can party all day and win Olympic medals when you want. Thinking about sports and exercises made me think of the injuries that come hand in hand. But dude, remember the powerful brain that you have might just help you recover faster. No one will be called an addict because you can leave your habit when you want to. Which increases the positive energy of the world.

But, since the brain is used so much it is likely to be exhausted. Inspired from the movie ‘Limitless’ I visualize you become old and wrinkly at a not-so-old age (however you define it to be). Your brain is too tired and now there’s no scope at all. A ‘Brain dead’ phase also might just happen. Everyone will start getting helpless and dependent at a very young age and might even die a brutal death.

But, so much negation is not going to happen. We’re not going to die that way because we don’t use that much brain! (That is a myth and we do use that much brain.)

Mom told you, ‘happiness doubles when you share it’?
Share this with your friends and do share your views with me too. 🙂

It’s a Hap Happ Happy New Year!

A Happ Happy New Year to you!

Do what you love and Love what you do.

Now the time has come. An era has ended and a new one begins. Getting back to what I’d also call as ‘mainstream’, 2012 has ended, happily, successfully and gracefully. The reason the water in the rivers and waterfalls is pure is because they decide to keep moving, no matter what. That’s what has happened to the year. No matter how many ups and downs it faced, it kept on moving and finally we got over it. (Yes, we actually did get over it ’cause #2013 is trending now!)

Obviously, I’d want to go back to what the year offered to all of us. I am a person who’d treasure her past, after all. So here’s a list (not in order of occurrence) about the highlights of the year for me. And, yes, the list might be long, but no, it is certainly NOT boring.

  1. We had a very flashy era with the popular word that gained at least a thousand tattoos and tonnes of mis-uses, ‘YOLO’. Teenagers across the globe picked this word up, meaning You Only Live Once, and misused it. ‘Get drunk, drive and die cause, YOLO maaan!’ ‘Sleep with guys at a very young age, cause, YOLO!’ ‘ Get tatted all over the body and don’t listen to anyone, again, cause, YOLO!’ It certainly crossed the limit.
  2. Songs and artists that caught our mind and the tunes that never left our head(sometimes even if we wanted them to!) increased daily. Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ crossed over One Billion YouTube Views! That even surpassed Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’. Man, that too was one helluva song. No one liked it but everyone sang the lyrics along with Bieber. ‘Call me maybe’ was one of my favorites too! Carly Rae Jepsen made a pretty decent video where she looks all cute trying to impress this guy who turns out to be Gay. No story line but really catchy tune. Adele touched some high level pitch with her songs, all depressing but ‘stuck-in-my-head-all-day-long’ types. You just can NOT stop singing it! Another superly duper cool video and song was by Gotye and Kimbra (Oh! So hot!), ‘Somebody that I used to know’. There have been like a thousand videos that prove how catchy the song is. And, also, the video, pretty artistic (NO. Not just because they’ve used paints in it.) Another one that hit a boundary was ‘Mirror’ by Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars. It’s like a ‘Free Goosebump for you’ song! Boybands crept back in fashion thanks to ‘One Direction’. The last (intentionally kept) song that caught everyone’ minds was ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black. That annoying voice and that horrible video. I’ll stop talking about it already.
  3. Memes. I don’t even have to say anything cause, ‘You don’t say!’ and ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’. It’s kind of a revolution, a good one indeed, for we have developed a form, a different one. I, being a design student who’s studied art revolutions and movements like ‘Minimalism’ and ‘Art Nouveau’ and ‘Art Deco’ can proudly say that the ‘Meme revolution’ started with Our generation.
  4. iPhone 5 HAPPENED.
    (P.S.- Same as iPhone 4, only larger.)
  5. The video ‘Dumb ways to Die’ got Viral. Some may call it cute, others, sadist. But yes, it got pretty popular.
  6. CATS. (<—- OMG! Look what she just said! Awwwww it looks so cute! I wish I had a cat! Dude my cat is annoying but cute, let me post a million pictures of it, every possible where!!!) That.
    Cats suddenly gained like a million lovers this year. I don’t know how or when or why but yes, they did.
  7. [Only for certain lovers] The Dark Night Rises. A legendary end to a revolutionary movie series.
  8. Honey Boo Boo, Honey Singh and Honey bunny, all in the SAME year! Wow.
    Honey Boo Boo is this reality television program that features this 6 year old and her family an all the drama that she leads to. Damn cute and damn witty she be.
    Honey Singh, or as he claims to be, ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ is this Punjabi rapper, music producer and singer. He made pretty indecent songs (to get fame, maybe), now sings catchy Punjabi songs and also bollywood numbers.
    Honey bunny is this ad campaign by Idea. The ringtone is easily downloadable and so peppy that you just can’t stop singing. “You might hate it, but you’ll never forget it!”
  9. Barack Obama got re-elected as the 44th President of the United States of America. Why wouldn’t he?
    And also, Gay marriages got legal. *awkward silence here*
    Haha. Just kidding. I’m open-minded and have gay friends, happy? 😛
  10. And the social networking sites news, it’s declared that there isn’t any point in having a LinkedIn account anymore, YouTube changed their look and feel and made it more user-friendly and finally, INSTAGRAM IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD! Yes, and the best part being, you have a copyright over your pictures and people will actually pay you to buy those pictures from you! -_- Seriously?
  11. Windows 8 was launched and people conveniently got the free trial version on their computers. ‘Jo cheez free mein mile uske liye main paise kyu du?’
  12. ‘The Great (fail)Mayans predicted, the civilization would end on 21st December, 2012. But (ha ha!) it did not. I’m still alive and typing this, no?
    This prediction just caused more ‘YOLO’ tattoos and behavior and nothing else.
  13. Our ‘God’ retired. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, number 10 t-shirt holder, the God of cricket, Hero of a million people and a silent but wonderful teacher to almost every budding galli-cricket player retired from ODIs. He shall surely be missed for that.
  14. We, as people, developed. Some way or the other, moved one step forward from what we were, same time, last year.
  15. The Delhi rape case. A very brutal rape case happened in the capital, Delhi. A 23 year old was raped in a moving bus by 6 heartless animals(I would not like to even address them as humans) who threw her out of the bus after the incident. She passed away but is still alive in a million hearts. The masses have been awakened and united because of her. Protests, rallies and gatherings have been conducted after, to tell the Government in a peaceful manner that they should be doing something and not just saying,’We are sorry. Our condolences are with the family. Please maintain peace.’ Something beyond their mere, worthless words has been demanded and shall be given. For, when the last time India got together like this, we got Independence.

Let’s just hope for a bigger and better roller coaster this time, 2013?