The Deathly Embarrassment.

Have you had those moments in your life where you’d go all like ‘Oh my God, I should die!’? Or ‘Shoot me. Now.’ ? Well, we’ve all had one of those. Yes, since you want to ask me, I also have.


The world is not a very sweet, sugary place to live in. You cannot always have a bed of roses. Sometimes, there emerges these thorns, that prick. These are the moments you might want to forget, or as some people say, ‘dream it off’.

Imagine, having a chat conversation with someone you’ve hardly known.

Playing all ‘hard-to-get’.

Not lying about anything but, not giving away all your facts straight.

And, there *BAMMM* screwing it up with one wrong use of a certain word.

To top it all, still boasting about how strong your vocabulary is.

At this point of time, you’re just hoping the person is retarded enough to ignore your mistake or may be, kind enough to forget about it. Now, this person is really smart, points your mistake out and also, laughs at you. You’re drowning in embarrassment and you have no where to go. The mistake is made and all you can do is stand up and face it. You apologize and you probably weep a little. You curse yourself and you want to die. The ball is already off your court but you still have a slight hope of may be getting it back. You do all you can, to get your respect back but all you end up doing, is make yourself feel vulnerable. You try finding some source of happiness but ‘Life’s a bitch’ and that’s how it’s behaving then. Everything you put your hand to, turns ugly and you’re surrounded with all the possible negativity of the planet. Life looks like a black hole and suddenly that internet friend replies, ‘haha’. Wow, you could totally stab yourself now.

You give it sometime, even though your impatience is literally killing you. You drown yourself more in thoughts of how that person might be sitting there, laughing at his screen, judging you, may be. You try talking it out to some folks but no one’s apparently available, ’cause you know, again, life’s just being a bitch.

Finally, after, like what you think were a million years, that person replies,’never mind, let’s just pretend it never happened, okay? But, you owe me one. :)’

You still apologize for something that was a typo error, maybe, but rejoice! Dance like it’s a New year, new beginning! You thank your stars and thank the person too (obviously!). The world has suddenly become more colorful and amusing. You can go back to the not-so-happening life that you have and get on with life again.

You can heave a sigh of relief cause that heavy load is off your chest now. You’re not going to completely get over it but come on, you can at least try?

If not that, you can surely stop imagining now. 🙂


Everything in t…

Everything in this world has room for improvement.
Not everyone has an eye to spot the faults.
Striving hard to bring about positive change is the job of a Designer.

Its the 21st December already and the Mayans predicted today as a ‘Doomsday’. No, the world has not come to an end, so I think we should go back to striving hard in making this world a better place to live in. Keep working and keep changing.

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